The Little Things || Pezberry

Santana shuffled through the bags currently spread across their bed, sorting all of the things accordingly. Her stop at Target after work was meant for purchasing the must have food (milk, bread, etc) they left at their old apartment, find a new shampoo because apparently her hair hated the one she was using now, and to stock up on the food Rachel absolutely needed or her entire day was ruined. Something no one wanted to happen. The grocery items and cosmetics/hair products were on the opposite side of the store, so how she ended up walking the length of the building was beyond her, but she certainly had no regrets. Especially not now while she was looking at the tiny articles of clothing with a grin on her face. 

She neatly laid everything out over the bed spread and waited for Rachel to make her way into the bedroom. It took her a bit longer in this apartment since it contained walls and doors, unlike their old place. Furniture wasn’t the only obstacle anymore. “I know you’re pregnant, but can you put a little pep in your step?” She called out with chuckle. She couldn’t help it, though. Her excitement could not be tamed.