It’s Time || Pezberry

Santana finally manged to get a sobbing Rachel out of bed. It took a lot of convincing and reassuring that everything was going to be alright, but after playing the Cosette card, she knew she had won. With the brunette clinging to her side, she reached down for the hospital bag, looking around for the onesie she bought a week ago. “Hold onto the wall.” She instructed softly, running over the her side of the bed to retrieve the outfit, then the car seat placed in front of the window. “Thank god you bought this today.” It was meant to be a joke to lighten the mood, but it was obvious Rachel wasn’t in the mood. 

Once they had everything gathered everything they needed, she wrapped her arm back around the brunette’s waist, car seat in one hand and hospital bag on her shoulder. “We’re good to go.” She managed to muster a soft smile, but it quickly faded when the reality of it all sank in and the pain etched across Rachel face worried the hell out of her. That’s when she started pull her towards the door, they had already wasted too much time and with her being two months ahead of schedule, they needed to move.