On Our Own.

Santana and Rachel had enjoyed the time they got to spend with Maribel. Her mother was such a tremendous help, giving advice to the both of them, cooking dinner every night, and letting them have a few hours alone to nap while she kept an eye on the baby. Of course, she didn’t mind it at all. Cosette was the light of her life, being her first grandchild. And the trip gave her the opportunity to bond with Rachel, get to know the girl her daughter was so hopelessly in love with. Needless less to say, their first few days away from the hospital had been a total success. 

But now they were packing her up to head to the airport so she could catch her late flight back to Lima. It was bittersweet, to say the least. Santana didn’t want to her mom leave. It was nice having her around to help and to have the little piece of home around her, aside from Rachel. But now they got to experience parenthood without the watchful eye of an experienced parent. Maribel handed Cosette over to Santana after hugging her goodbye before looking to Rachel, “Come here, you.” She smiled, wrapping her arms around the young girl.