Double Trouble.

Midway through her classes, Santana started to feel her energy drain and her head pound, putting her to sleep in the middle of a lecture. It didn’t help that she had woken up with a stuffy nose and puffy eyes, but she was quick to blame that on the weather changing. It was clear to her now, she was coming down with something. After sending off an e-mail to her last professor of the day, she headed home early, thankful Rachel finished her classes before her on Mondays. 

"Rach." She called out, her voice hoarse and low. She set her bag and kicked her shoes off before falling heavily into the couch with a loud groan. She was the last person anyone wanted to be around when she was sick. It was a rare occasion. She missed all of two days during high school due to illness, both of which she was almost hospitalized for dehydration. So when this happened, all hell broke loose and god help anyone who crossed her path.